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A catto's [front-end playground]. Also its tech blog.

The Menu

Welcome to the K3K's midnight diner. Chances are that you misclicked your way here.
But before clicking back out, take a look at our menu, something maybe of help :3

So what exactly do we serve here?

The All You Can Eat page is where you will find all the contents. But if you are feeling lucky, try out the Omakase page and see what I have prepared for you.

  • English learning material
  • Programming experience
  • The making of this blog
  • Stories and memes
  • Food review and some random cooking recipes
    I made up that are probably edible

We also have a discord server

The Diner History

Img from facebok

So who wrote this blog, you ask?

I'm Trần Minh Kha. I'm just an ordinary Vietnamese software engineering student with Effective Operational Proficiency in English according to the CEFR.

I made this site in an attempt to learn some blogging tools for software developers. It was built using Jekyll, the Prologue theme and hosted by Github Pages.

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